Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Reflection on the "Bridal Ballad" by Edgar Allan Poe

Bridal Ballad

by Edgar Allan Poe

The ring is on my hand,

And the wreath is on my brow;

Satin and jewels grand

Are all at my command,

And many a rood of land

And I am happy now.

And my lord he loves me well;

But, when first he breathed his vow,

I felt my bosom swell—

And the voice seemed his who fell

For the words rang as a knell,

In the battle down the dell,

And who is happy now.

But he spoke to re-assure me,

And he kissed my pallid brow,

While a reverie came o'er me,

And to the church-yard bore me,

And I sighed to him before me,

"Oh, I am happy now!"

And thus the words were spoken,

And this the plighted vow,

And, though my faith be broken,

And, though my heart be broken,

Behold the golden token

That proves me happy now!

Would God I could awaken!

For I dream I know not how!

And my soul is sorely shaken

Lest an evil step be taken,—--

Lest the dead who is forsaken

May not be happy now.

“Sometimes when we are into something for quite sometime, we tend to forget what we’re there for. We tend to forget what we are fighting for. We become scared, we feel empty, and we start to doubt. But there would always be that something or someone to remind us of the purpose of all the pain and the possible heartbreaks.

When a person decides to be happy, he should be aware of the reality that the road to being happy is not an easy path to take, many sacrifices has to be made, many hearts should be broken along the way, and yes, even one’s own heart could be at risk. It’s just a matter of never losing faith and knowing what one wants for these things would keep him on track.

This poem for me speaks of the pre-nuptial jitters a bride gets when she realizes the great commitment she’s getting herself into: scary and complicated, but she still dives in it willingly, for she knows she will be happy. She believes that she will be happy."