Friday, February 8, 2008

tribute sa Barkadang Babad sa Aral

Unang sabak sa college life: Scary, but having a great bunch of friends made things much easier for me, we call ourselves BBA, nung una, Boy Bawang Addicts ang meaning nun, kasi sa inuman puro boy bawang lang ang kaya naming bilhin para sa pulutan. Di nawala ang boy bawang. Kahit di naman talaga lahat sam in kumakain ng boy bawang, we embraced the name and we lived it. Later on, second semester, Barkadang Babad Sa Aral na pangalan ng barkada namin, aral...aral...inom...aral...


mabubuting kaibigang laging maasahan!
miss ko na kayong lahat!

bang your head against the wall...(a wake up call)

i am not as good as i want to be. i am not as strong as i expect myself to be. i might have been expecting so much out of myself that i might have been forgetting that i can only take this in this much (demonstrating: a handful) i am no bionic-woman. i realized this when i felt sick and tired of the things i do. sick and tired, yes, sick and tired. that's where i knew. TAO LANG AKO. (I am only human)
i am weak.
i am a loser.
i get tired.
i cry.
i faint.
i get sick.
i get bored.
i give up.
i get mad.
i get sad.
but then again, i promise to arise as a victor. i will not die without putting up a good fight. Kuya Marc Will would always tell us to be exceptional in the things that we do, I'll be exceptional, I'll be great! I'll show them. hahah!

yeah, i can be a bitter piece of shit, but hey, i have my reasons for being one, and besides, i will not remain to be that piece of shit they made me to be. i am a diamond in the rough. it would take time before i grow into a fine piece of jewel, but I'll get there! conceited? i dunno. i just try to give myself the affirmation i deserve. a friend one told me, that when i feel that people don't affirm me anymore, it could be that i lack self-affirmation. that's why i try to give myself the much needed pats on my back to make me feel good.

they could break me all they want but I'll never give up, at least not because of them.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

para kay maxx...

Marie Cielo Gomez Collantes a.k.a:
*Macky (pangalan din ng aso nya)
*Cielo Mariel (according to Patsy)
*Cielo Erika (bagong pangalan nya)
*Cielo Bangs (ako si Jessa Juniper)
*Pangs (short for Panget)
we've been friend for over a year now, and i could say that we've gone through a lot already. She has seen my at my best and at my worst moments, but still she's there to support me and to believe in me. I know we have a lot of differences and thinking about it, it makes me wonder why we're still friends. Maxx is one of the most understanding people i have ever met. She patiently stays with me during my "topak" moments and even when i have my tantrums, she never lets me down. Maxx has made me appreciate life more, with her i have learned to laugh a lot and live more. I remember before we became friends, like her, i was a newcomer to Don Bosco College, i was often alone in the chapel near the confession box crying, but when i met her, things gradually turned out better. If there's one thing i'd remember Maxx for, that would be for the fact that she made me appreciate myself more. She taught me to laugh at problems and not to dwell on them too much. God will make a way. She's a year younger than me, but at the end of the day she turns out to be my "ate".

More than our differences, we have a lot of similarities too, we're both stubborn, we're both "lakas-topak", we both eat a lot, we love food and we like shopping together (when we have money) haha! Our friendship tightened when we both got into similar situations, i don't have to spell out what that situation is, i know some of those who reads my blog would get it. I think it was then that we promised not to let each other down. we'll be supporting each other no matter what. Just like what she's often say, "Sino pa ba ang magtutulungan kundi tayo rin."

our favorite motto is "God Provides" it's funny that when i don't have money she has money and when she has no money I'd have money. Astig pre, God provides! Minsan, nakakatawa when things happen to us, one of us would just utter something that would like thank God for what just happened, you see, we're not just a pair of loud girls, i could say that we are deeper than what is often seen! yeah boy!

I am happy to be her friend. I am happy we've met. With her, yung lungs ko...parang nawala! hahaha!

kidding aside, Maxx has made me appreciate life more. Mabuhay si Cielo Erika! love you pre! hahaha!