Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gym Period

Gym Period

Rainer Maria Rilke


I have the tendency to treat others as if they are inferior especially when I think they are not as smart as me. I enjoy classifying people, boxing them in a certain label that I often find funny. I seldom realize that this causes people to feel bad about themselves. Maybe this is because I grew up constantly trying to prove my worth to the people I am supposed to call family. They have looked down on me, they believe that I won’t amount to anything really special or exceptional. I project my issues to other people. Instead of helping them feel better and just embrace their flaws, I make fun of them and I make them feel like they’re hopeless.

I can say that I can relate with almost every character in the story. I can see myself in Gruber, the one who’s constantly trying to prove his worth, not only to others but also to himself, to Jerome, the kind friend who’s trying to make other’s see what they’re really made of, and those who never believed in anyone. This story got me thinking of how the people I “mistreated” could have felt.