Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Loss and the Healing

A Reflection on “The Loss and the Healing” by Sigrid Undset

Losing a loved one is hard, especially when one would think of the times he took that person for granted. There would be these “what if’s” and “should have, would have, could have’s.” I personally went through all these, coping death, moving on. I still can’t say I have moved on completely. It has been 14 years since my father died and sometimes, I still find myself in denial. I still wait for him to come back home. I think that is what’s good with us people, we hope against all hopes, we dare to believe in the impossible.

I could say that I was not able to process the death of my father well because I was too young back then. I was not able to address the pain the right way. I believe the key to moving on is processing the emotions well. It’s either we move on with smiles in our faces or we move on with bitterness and coldness. Moving on after a loss is not something we should rush, there is a saying that says time heals all wounds, I believe it is true. Time would kiss all the pain away. Moving on after a loss doesn’t mean we forget about the person, moving on is learning to live without the person, but it is never about forgetting how life was with him. Memories of that person should keep us going. I believe people meet after death. Those who have departed on us just went ahead on this new journey. They live their life after death and we live our life on earth, then maybe, just maybe, we meet again.