Wednesday, August 20, 2008

If I were Huck Finn, Where Would I Go?

When I don’t like the place I am in, I always dream of going far, escaping from everything, I like going to Don Bosco Batulao. It is a breath of fresh air compared to my normal environment. The serene ambience makes me feel relaxed and it comforts my stressed body. I just like sitting there and just staying quiet. When alone, I am awfully quiet. I don’t talk much because when I am alone, those are the times that I get to be in touch with my real self. I get to reflect on the things that I have done. And I get to see why my life turned out to be like this.

But of course, Don Bosco Batulao is not a place where I can stay for a long time, that is why I’ll go to the airport and fly to Paris. Since I was a child I have always been fascinated with the lifestyles of the Parisians. It would be a great place to start my adventures, living alone. There I could study Culinary Arts and since it is the gallimaufry of different cultures, I could see have the whole world in one city. I would go and see the Eiffel Tower, go shopping in their great stores and just live the life. It would be a place to just treat myself for a job well done, and just enjoy my life. It would be a great place to start my life over.

At the end of the day, I would still want to be back home in the arms of my family, because no matter how unfair my life could be, my family would always be the people I would come home to. That may not be my real family, but the family I choose for myself.