Monday, June 30, 2008

pain and agony combo...

i am starting to get bored with having to go to class everyday and read a whole lot of stuff that clearly doesn't make sense to me. I am very bored and i need to do something better with my life. I have tried to make some sense out of the thigs i usually do. I attended the volleyball try-outs last Saturday. Instead of making me feel beter, i even felt worse than before. My arms hurt badly, i can't even move them properly. We did push ups, sit ups, jogging, stretching, and a whole lot of body movements that is not normally done by sane people. After three days, my left arm has started to regain it's normal condition but my right arm is starting to get worse. I am thinking of waiting for it to decay and just have it amputated. I cried over my arms last night. I can't sleep well and i wake up really early. I can't rest well because of this.

this is what you call working for what you want, i want to play volleyball, i must go through the pains and hardships, this got me to think, do i really want this. Parang sakit lang ng katawan abot ko dito.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

procastinator no more...(wanna bet?)

people talk shit when you're not like them...with the big 'L' in the forehead.
it's like them telling you you'll never amount to something when you'

shit happens.