Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wishlist para sa birthday ko...

1. PUG puppy... gusto ko sana yung cream and black...
2. laptop computer. katulad nung kay edition ata yun ng HP...

HP Pavilion dv2800 Artist Entertainment Notebook PC series

3. digital camera, yung sa canon ixus...
4. new chucks...
5. new bag...
5. hoodie jacket...
6. a really nice printer...
7. PSP! waaaah!
8. mernel's cake
9. chocolate ice cream...
10. clover na green
11. yogurt na mango
12. kfc bucket meal
13. cheesy bacon mushroon burger...
14. hershey's pie from BK
15. HK trip...
16. Palawan experience...
17. vacation sa pampanga...
18. dance with Gforce
19. cotton candy
20. fic
21. dried mangoes...
22. star apple]
23. turon
24. kwek-kwek
25. pansit canton

Friday, August 29, 2008

We are Shakespeare

August 27, 2008

Our midterm exam for our English and American literature class was scheduled at 8 am. I unfortunately overslept and arrived at 8:15. It was okay though for the program started at around 8:30, but thinking that i still had to dress up, i had to move fast. My classmates and i werequite nervous about the whole recital thing. I was not ready. Haha! but i think i made a good presentation. The judges were so good to us!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sino daw ako?

i live a double life...

a part of me is the shallow, loud mouth people see often... i laugh a lot and i talk a lot. i appear to be rather stupid... a push over...

the other part of me is the cold and bitter person, i speak seldom but i have the answers. i am the thinker. this part of me is the smart one. i never let my feelings get in the way, this is the part that has forgotten to feel...
somewhere between these two hides the silent deviant... a rebel... a happy rebel... damaged, broken, scrarred, imperfect... but hey, nobody is perfect... i am trying to be normal... i am attempting to live a happy life. I am trying to see the essence of living inspite of all the pain. i am trying to let "me" show... trying to be there for people as much as possible without conforming. i am going against the norms, defying the rules... i am trying to live life the way i want to, guided by the values i have kept in my heart. i follow the inner compass that leads us all to where we're supposed to go... i am risking getting hurt and being rejected. i am embracing all my issues, i am owning my mistakes, i am living and loving it... i love. i try to be human, i am in the process of thawing my cold heart. i am in the process of regaining the ability of feeling---something that i have forgotten to do after all these years...

convinced that i am born for greater things, i try to maximize my potentials... i am done with mediocrity... gone are the years of effortless victories... i will make the most out of every opportunity laid before me... i will be someone significant....
whew... rather ambitious, don't you think???! *winks*

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My favorite SLA Pics

These pictures were taken sa may gate ng Elementary department ng Caritas Don Bosco nung SLA. hehehe! ang cute lang, super feeling close na kami sa isa't isa... ang dami namin nahakot para maki-isa sa pagiging cam whores namin. hehehe!

sa mga tropa sa DBA

It might seem a little bit late for this but i, in behalf of my friends and tropaness from DB Canlubang, would like to thank you for always being nice to us and being ever so supportive of us! ahahaha! ang sweet!

BUSKOLEHIYO: super habol day part 1

aba naman, parang lima lang kaming gumawa ng buong college publication! kamusta naman yun? kahit gusto ko magexact sa kanila, di naman pwede, alex always tells me to calm myself down pag medyo umiinit na ulo ko sa pag aatittude problem ng imga nakakasama ko. Di naman masyadong masama loob ko, may ilan naman na nagpaalam na di sila makakapunta pero yung iba, pinag aksayahan ko na nga sila ng piso kahit ibang network sila eh... huhuhu! di manlangnagreply. To think na sila pa yung nag sign ng pangalan nila to be a part of this.

wakey-wakey! we have an issue to finish!


Directed by Andrew Stanton

Produced by Jim Morris

Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures

“The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people. “ ~ Karl Marx

Wall.E is a feel good movie that will get you thinking afterwards. More than the special friendship between Wall.E and Eve, the movie speaks of many social and environmental issues. This movie shows how man can be enslaved by their own creations. Humans were pictured as very lazy people, dependent on technology to survive, they weren’t even living life. They do not touch, they do not talk face to face, and they just communicate through the hologram screens in their floating chairs. They were helpless without technology. Time came when the captain of the ship realized that they need to give back to their home: Earth. Earth is not as miserable as man thought it was, it just needed people to look after it. He drew hope from a plant potted on a shoe. He had two choices, to remain surviving comfortably in the Axiom, or to lead his people to go home to Earth. The captain chose to do better. He did not want to remain useless, he wanted to live.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I got this from ( wala lang, nakakatuwa, ito yung favorite part ko dun sa libro...

thank you!

I took this from Bob Ong’s book “bakit baliktad magbasa ng libro ang mga pilipino?”. I think that it’s down ass funny… Bob Ong is a funny guy… really funny omg…well I think he

Lumalabas ang kakulangan natin sa iodize salt pagdating sa mga trivia game show sa TV. Mapa Family-Feud, The weakest Link, o Gobingo, hindi pahuhuli sa pagalingan ang mga mamamayang Pilipino, lalo na sa kung mabilisan!


Host: Ano sa Ingles ang “hinlalaki”?
Contestant: Thumbmark

Host: Ano ang ginagamitng mga swimmers para bumilis ang kanilang paglanggoy?
Contestant: Fast Shoes

Host: Kung si Superman ay may Lois Lane, ano naman ang kay Robinhood?
contestant: Pana.

Host: Anong “S” ang inuupuan pag nakasakay sa kabayo?
contestant: Silya

Host: Ano ang karaniwang hugis ng manibela?
contestant: Triangular

Host: Hindi ito boob, hindi ito tube, pero tinatawag ng iba na boob tube. Ano ito?
contestant: Bra

Host: Kelan ang Pasko sa Davao?
contestant: PASS…

Host: Anong tawag sa isdang hindi bilasa?
contestant: tuyo

Host: Ilan ang legs ng cartoon character na si Spiderman?
contestant: Eight

Host: Ano ang nationality ng sanggol na may amang Filipino Catholic at Protestanteng Ina?
Contestant: American

Host: Merong four seasons: winter, spring, summer, at fall. kelan nahuhulog ang mga dahon?
contestant: sa storm

Host: Anong bukol ang makikita sa leeg ng mga lalaki?
contestant: Kiss mark

Host: ano ang kulay ng orange juice kapag nilagay sa blue na baso?
contestant: …Violet

Host: anong malambot na bahagi sa ulo ng sanggol?
contestant: batok

Host: magbigay ng bagay na ipini-pin sadamit?
contestant: Hairpin

Host: Ano ang nagpapaalat sa itlog na maalat?
contestant: Puti

Host: ano ang tawag sa mga needle-like projections na nakasabit sa ceiling ng mga caves?
contestant: Ice pick

Host: ano ang tawag sa plastic bag na lalagyan ng basura?
contestant: plastic bag na nilalagyan ng basura.

Host: anong C ang paboritong kainin ng mga rabbit?
contestant: Cacamber

Host: ang urine ay liquid: TRUE OR FALSE
contestant: False

Host: anong ang system n g MAth na gumagamit ng symbols instead of numbers?
contestant: ummm…China?

Host: anong ginawa ni MOses sa Red Sea?
contestant: Stop

Host: what is the capital of the Philippines?
contestant: P

Host: anong klaseng sapatos ang ginagamit ng mga basketbolista?
contestant: adidas

Host: sino ang pumatay kay David?
contestant: Goliath

host: ano ang tawag sa taong walang suot sa paa?
contestant: Slipperless

Host: kung ang bulag ay blind ano naman ang english ng pipi?
contestant: Walang salita

Host: anong sea creature ang kalahating kabayo at kalahating isda?
contestant: syokoy

Host: ano ang nasa gitna ng donut?
contestant: palaman

Host: ang salad dressing ba ay damit
contestant: (sandaling nagisip) YES!

Host: Anong klaseng sasakyan ang inaayos sa hangar?
contestant: sirang sasakyan

host: ano ang nilalagay sa sewing machine?
contestant: lagari?

host: ilan taon meron sa leap year?
contestant: 365

host: anong hayop ang di-nakakakita sa sa araw ngunit nakakakita sa dilim?
contestant: flashlight

host: Ano ang tawag sa laro kung saan ang dalawang team ang naghihilahan sa isang lubid?
contestant: tumbang-preso

host: kung manicure sa kamay, ano ang sa paa?
contestant: kuko

host: ano ang isunusuot ng mg boksingero sa ulo nila bilang proteksyon?
contestant: Sumbrero

host: ano ang tawag sa laman sa loob ng buto: marrow or muscle?
contestant: karne

host: para saa ang anti-dandruff shampoo?
contestant: kuto

host: anong englis ng ampalaya?
contestant: asparagus

host: ilang metro mayroon sa 300 meters?
contestant: 3000

host: anong sasakyan ang gamit sa “tour de france”?
contestant: Kalesa

Host: ano ang kasunod ng kidlat?
contestant: sunog

host: saan matatagpuan ang Quebec?
contestant: afghanistan

host: tinuturo ang G-clef sa anong “M” na subject?
contestant: Mathematics

host: ano ang halaman na tumitiklop kapag ito’y nahawakan?
contestant: Hiya-hiya

host: ano ang itlog na ayon sa iba, nakakapagpatigas ng tuhod?
contestant: TAMA!

host: ano ang isinusuot ng taong walang buhok?
contestant: Kalbo

host: anong zip ang ginagamit sa pagbukas ng pantalon?
contestant: pagbukas ng bag

host: anong “D” ang first word sa stanza ng JIngle bells?
contestant: dyingel?

host: anong “H” ang tawag sa taong nagiisa?
contestant: home alone

host: Sa anong bansa nakatira ang mga Hindu?
contestant: hindunesia

host: kungang ubo ay sa bibig, ano naman ang sa ilong?
contestant: Vicks

host: ano ang kulay ng strawberry?
contestant: ube

host: anong klaseng animal ang Afghan Hound?
contestant: Afghanistan

host: sinong American president ang nagkapolyo noong 1920’s
contestant: Apolinario Mabini..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The War

The War

Luigi Pirandello


Reading the story made me remember my dad. I don’t remember much about him but according to what his friends tell of him; my dad is a loving and affectionate person. He is reserved but is very cheerful. They say that my dad has a lot of plans for me and my brothers. I know for a fact that he wanted me to be either a ballet dancer or a gymnast. He’s a simple person; he is contented having simple things in life for as long as me and my brothers get the best things life could offer.

My father loved me and my brothers equally. He never believed in playing favorites. One clear memory of my father I have is the one where he was scolding me and my older brother. We were fighting on who between us did daddy love more. Daddy explained that he loved us equally, that he loves me in the same way he loves my brothers, regardless of who was born first.

That memory was affirmed by this story that a father loves his children through and through. He wants the best for his children, he has nothing but the best intentions for them. It hurts to realize that no matter how much I try to get my father back I can’t. I am to live a whole lifetime without my daddy.

The Loss and the Healing

A Reflection on “The Loss and the Healing” by Sigrid Undset

Losing a loved one is hard, especially when one would think of the times he took that person for granted. There would be these “what if’s” and “should have, would have, could have’s.” I personally went through all these, coping death, moving on. I still can’t say I have moved on completely. It has been 14 years since my father died and sometimes, I still find myself in denial. I still wait for him to come back home. I think that is what’s good with us people, we hope against all hopes, we dare to believe in the impossible.

I could say that I was not able to process the death of my father well because I was too young back then. I was not able to address the pain the right way. I believe the key to moving on is processing the emotions well. It’s either we move on with smiles in our faces or we move on with bitterness and coldness. Moving on after a loss is not something we should rush, there is a saying that says time heals all wounds, I believe it is true. Time would kiss all the pain away. Moving on after a loss doesn’t mean we forget about the person, moving on is learning to live without the person, but it is never about forgetting how life was with him. Memories of that person should keep us going. I believe people meet after death. Those who have departed on us just went ahead on this new journey. They live their life after death and we live our life on earth, then maybe, just maybe, we meet again.

The Search

The Search

Romain Gary

(1914- )

I am an escape artist. I try to find my way out of the bad situations I get myself into. I always try to find the easy way out. I am not contented with my life. When the times that I am unhappy with the way things go for me, I try to make myself believe that I am living in a different world. I pretend that I don’t know this life. Sometimes, reality scares me to the point that I almost want to give up on living and just escapes. Many times I have imagined myself just drifting far from where I am right now.

I have always tried to prove my worth to the people around me, I hate being compared to people, especially when I know that I’ll never be of the same level as that certain someone. As I was growing up, I was always compared to my best friend; she’s smart and pretty, very talented and friendly. I am not that. I have lived my high school life trying to make people see that I am smart but I don’t want to be recognized. I don’t want to exhaust myself trying to get all the medals available for awarding. I was only able to step out of the shadows when I left UPLB. It was a drastic move to make everyone see that I am not willing to be someone else’s dummy. Escaping out of the shadows, I did that being a deviant. Defying the norms and disobeying the rules my society has imposed on me. I am an escape artist.

Gym Period

Gym Period

Rainer Maria Rilke


I have the tendency to treat others as if they are inferior especially when I think they are not as smart as me. I enjoy classifying people, boxing them in a certain label that I often find funny. I seldom realize that this causes people to feel bad about themselves. Maybe this is because I grew up constantly trying to prove my worth to the people I am supposed to call family. They have looked down on me, they believe that I won’t amount to anything really special or exceptional. I project my issues to other people. Instead of helping them feel better and just embrace their flaws, I make fun of them and I make them feel like they’re hopeless.

I can say that I can relate with almost every character in the story. I can see myself in Gruber, the one who’s constantly trying to prove his worth, not only to others but also to himself, to Jerome, the kind friend who’s trying to make other’s see what they’re really made of, and those who never believed in anyone. This story got me thinking of how the people I “mistreated” could have felt.

Earliest Memories

Earliest Memories

Arthur Koestler

(1905- )

Guit. Fear. Loneliness. I have had my share of those since I was young. Though I am not really comfortable discussing these things, this story got me to reflect on them.

My earliest memory of guilt and fear was when I was tasked to take care of my younger brother. I took my brother to the playground, I forgot to watch over him because I was too busy playing with my friends. He only got my attention when he was crying. He fell from where he was sitting and his forehead hid the corner of a table. His head swelled up and it turned blue and black. I was scared when we went home because mom might scold me, but my younger brother did not cry, when he was asked what happened to him, he just said that he fell because he did not listen to me. My brother didn’t want me to get in trouble.

My earliest memory of loneliness was when my daddy died when I was five. It was a sad experience for the whole family. The worst part was when we returned home after dad was buried, it was then that I realized that things will never be the same again. Dad won’t be coming home anymore; I won’t be seeing my father dance in a funny way whenever he’s trying to make my mom notice him. I do not have my father with me anymore.

I think it is quite unfair that memories of guilt, fear and loneliness marks my childhood, but I can’t do anything about it now. I just have to make the most out of my life now.

A Reflection on the "Bridal Ballad" by Edgar Allan Poe

Bridal Ballad

by Edgar Allan Poe

The ring is on my hand,

And the wreath is on my brow;

Satin and jewels grand

Are all at my command,

And many a rood of land

And I am happy now.

And my lord he loves me well;

But, when first he breathed his vow,

I felt my bosom swell—

And the voice seemed his who fell

For the words rang as a knell,

In the battle down the dell,

And who is happy now.

But he spoke to re-assure me,

And he kissed my pallid brow,

While a reverie came o'er me,

And to the church-yard bore me,

And I sighed to him before me,

"Oh, I am happy now!"

And thus the words were spoken,

And this the plighted vow,

And, though my faith be broken,

And, though my heart be broken,

Behold the golden token

That proves me happy now!

Would God I could awaken!

For I dream I know not how!

And my soul is sorely shaken

Lest an evil step be taken,—--

Lest the dead who is forsaken

May not be happy now.

“Sometimes when we are into something for quite sometime, we tend to forget what we’re there for. We tend to forget what we are fighting for. We become scared, we feel empty, and we start to doubt. But there would always be that something or someone to remind us of the purpose of all the pain and the possible heartbreaks.

When a person decides to be happy, he should be aware of the reality that the road to being happy is not an easy path to take, many sacrifices has to be made, many hearts should be broken along the way, and yes, even one’s own heart could be at risk. It’s just a matter of never losing faith and knowing what one wants for these things would keep him on track.

This poem for me speaks of the pre-nuptial jitters a bride gets when she realizes the great commitment she’s getting herself into: scary and complicated, but she still dives in it willingly, for she knows she will be happy. She believes that she will be happy."

If I were Huck Finn, Where Would I Go?

When I don’t like the place I am in, I always dream of going far, escaping from everything, I like going to Don Bosco Batulao. It is a breath of fresh air compared to my normal environment. The serene ambience makes me feel relaxed and it comforts my stressed body. I just like sitting there and just staying quiet. When alone, I am awfully quiet. I don’t talk much because when I am alone, those are the times that I get to be in touch with my real self. I get to reflect on the things that I have done. And I get to see why my life turned out to be like this.

But of course, Don Bosco Batulao is not a place where I can stay for a long time, that is why I’ll go to the airport and fly to Paris. Since I was a child I have always been fascinated with the lifestyles of the Parisians. It would be a great place to start my adventures, living alone. There I could study Culinary Arts and since it is the gallimaufry of different cultures, I could see have the whole world in one city. I would go and see the Eiffel Tower, go shopping in their great stores and just live the life. It would be a place to just treat myself for a job well done, and just enjoy my life. It would be a great place to start my life over.

At the end of the day, I would still want to be back home in the arms of my family, because no matter how unfair my life could be, my family would always be the people I would come home to. That may not be my real family, but the family I choose for myself.

Pa-post lang...

post ko dito mga pinasa kong requirements sa English-American Literature, Creative Writing at Contemporary Literature.

On Attachment...

This afternoon, I sat beside my classmate Jules during my Educational Research Class. We got into this conversation about attachment and detachment. I actually, it was more like me talking and him listening to me.

I fear being attached to people, but in contradiction to that fear, I seem to be a very friendly person on the outside, I like being with people, I don’t like being alone. After leaving UPLB, I resolved not to be attached to people anymore, because in UP, I depended on people for my happiness, I depended on my friends whenever I was to make a decision, and not many people know that I left UP partly because one of my dearest friends decided to leave UP. I could not imagine my life in UP without him, (sounds too mushy…and it kind of freaks me out too…) let me put it this way; I find it hard to imagine my life in UP not having him around… (Does that sound better?) Anyways, so there, I left UP and when I decided to move to don Bosco I kind of promised myself that I would be concentrating more in my academics rather than my social night for I have had my great share of the life with friends when I was in UP. But later on, I realized that being attached to people is kind of inevitable. And slowly, I was yet again on the same pit I was on a year ago. The only difference is that this time, I felt good about it. I did not look at my batch mates as mere classmates, I treated them like family. I love them so much, and after almost three years of togetherness, I am definitely attached to them.

Attachment to them is not bad, not at all, but there would come a time when I would have to learn to detach from them, for my growth, for our friendships’ growths. I fear the time when I would have to do that. I would tell my self, “Pa’no na sila kung wala ako?” but moreover, “Pa’no na ako kung wala sila?” I can’t seem to imagine life without them. I am scared of the pain, that’s why last summer I tried to detach myself from them which was kind of unsuccessful. I prayed, “Please, wag po muna…di ko pa po yata kaya ng wala sila…” I know that time will come I would have to learn to detach, but I hope I’d be given more time, more time to gain enough strength. Haaay…

This is basically the reason why Patrick Menorca said that I was a walking contradict. I do against what I feel. A great pretender.

But I guess, that is life, people come and go. As what Jules said, “Time and people may leave, but memories will be treasured forever.”

Sunday, August 17, 2008

super stressed me...

preparations sa SLA really wore me out, dagdag mo pa dyan yung personal struggles ko...

here's a shout out to the people na nasigawan ko at nabugahan ko ng sama ng loob nitong nakaraan:


kay jerome cortes: super inaway-away ko after ng SLA...

kina alex, arvin, lloyd, nene, thriza, madel, ruby, lino at earl, dagdag ulit si Jerome....ful;l force ng kabadtripan ko during dance practices...

sa mga taga Caritas na tinaray tarayan ko...

kay frank from makati na super inaway away ko...

sa mga natarayan kong delegates...

sa mga taga canlubang...

kay ma'am bot...

kay aries at jerome quinto...

sa mga taong nakilala, makita at makasama...

ian punsalan
alex at aris
raffy at gabby


enzo at frank

sa tga tarlac na pinangakuan kong payat na ko next SLA...

sa mga taga Canluabg na sabik sa camera...

kay fr. Eli...
fr. jay
fr. jun
fr. vester at fr. dudz...

SOLID ang SLA dahil sa inyo...

sa mga taong nakilala, makita at makasama...

ian punsalan
alex at aris
raffy at gabby


enzo at frank

sa tga tarlac na pinangakuan kong payat na ko next SLA...

sa mga taga Canluabg na sabik sa camera...

kay fr. Eli...
fr. jay
fr. jun
fr. vester at fr. dudz...

SOLID ang SLA dahil sa inyo...

"Aim for Heaven"

"Lilipad na ako,
sabayan nyo ako
ang sarap dito,
sa pupuntahan ko..."

Sabini Fr. Mon, this song was composed and sung daw way brfore Raymond Marasigan was born, according to him in his homily, this song was first sung by Mary as she was taken up to heaven. She invites us to join her. Heaven is not a place up there, we can have heaven here and now.

The love of our family,
the company of our friends,
beautiful smiles on children's faces...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday, August 7, 2008

This evening, i was about to go home when i was torn between two choices, whether to pass by the chapel or not. I usually go to the chapel before i go home but i was unusually tardy to go and visit God kanina. Then I thought that i would be walking home so I might as well ask for a little guidance from Him. So, i went to the chapel. The seminarians, then, were having their Benediction. Almost reaching the Shrine's door, i saw a friend sitting on the plant box. I tapped his shoulder and when he turned, i saw him crying. My heart broke at that instant. I have never seen him cry, ever. He's a very strong guy. Oftentimes, i depend on him for strength. I felt pain on my insides, as if my heart was being twisted. I hugged him, because i was at a loss for the right words to say. I hugged him tight and I told him, "Kaya mo yan!", though i was not really sure of what was running through his head. I left him for a while because i did not want to cry with him. I thought that i should at least stand strong for him. I went inside the chapel and the song that was playing gave me the chills.

"Be not afraid, I go beore you always. Come, follow me and i will give you rest."

I felt as if God was telling me exactly this. That i should not be scared. I looked at my friend again who was looking at the Sacred Host from the outside. Maybe he was tired, I thought. I prayed for him hard. I did not want to see him in pain, not like that. I went out again and gave him a tight hug and left. I was crying while i was walking. I felt weak. I have always seen that friend of mne as someone so strong and yet, he was there, weak and hurting. I was not able to do anything. People get tired of being who they are and when they do, they turn to the One who could give us much comfort. At one point or another we fall into our knees, we get weak, we become the human beings we truly are and we turn to Him. When we get scared of what lies before us, we flee to Him like children. We turn to Him for strength, for inspiration, we turn to God for love. Seeing my friend like that, made me look into myself. I am weak too. I am not that strong, i fall down so many times more that that friend of mine. And it is okay to cry, it is okay to admit that i can't go on anymore and that i need rest. it is okay to get weak, to get tired. It is okay. There is this someone who love me still and He will never get tired of listening to me cry. Even if we are not the most attractive people when we cry, He'll lovingly look at us and listen. We must not be afraid to admit that we are human, afterall, it is how He made us to be. I know my friend is hurting, but i leave it to God to comfort Him. I realized that his situation may be way beyond what i can understand. That's why i leave it to the one who knows best. That's another thing i learned today, learn to let go and let things flow. There would come times where things would go beyond my powers and i must leave it to God and just let Him to the rest. I must not be afraid for he's always with me...