Wednesday, January 31, 2007

close encounters...

i am dating...
i have a constant date with this wonderful guy...
He's fun to be with,
He makes me feel good about myself,
He is really nice.
we get along really well.
I could tell Him anything and everything under the sun.
after a long day at school, it just feels good having someone to talk to.

As i walk my way home, i stare at the stars and just admire how He wisely placed everything in its proper place.
I just start to tell Him stories, especially those about my classmates.
I try not to forget to listen to what He wants to tell me.

At the end of each day, I try my hardest to remember that the world may throw at me the biggest of all the problems there is, but then, i have one big God to back me up, there's no need to fear. Everything's gonna be okay, I'll do just fine.

random thoughts

one name: Don Bosco!!!

the foundation week may be over but i am still on high...
last night was one of the coolest nights ever!
that was the time when i felt that i really AM a Bosconian...
happiness just overwhelmed me and it almost made me cry...
true enough, Don Bosco lives on.
he lives in each Bosconian there is, the inspiration he left us is just so great.
I feel really blessed having a saint for a father.
I feel blessed being with people who makes life really wonderful.