Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"national level na ito!"

Me getting into all sorts of activities and being a leader of some sort, me representing the college department in gatherings here and there, there and here...Ma'am Bot and i would often joke about this and just laugh about it. But come to think of it, what if i really got to the national level? from someone so insignificant, i'll be someone that people would recognize and people would (hopefully)'s so nice to think about it and just dream...i imagine candy colored clouds and just pink stuff...all glittery and shiny. but then my dream bubble would suddenly pop. *pop* all gone.

ako: Jessa Mariel, ikaw pa ba yan?
ako2: bakit? hindi na ba?
ako: kelan ka pa nag-enjoy mag-alive-alive, magleader-leaderan jan?
ako2: ngayon, nag-eenjoy ako...
ako: tingin mo ba ikaw yung nagugustuhan nila, at di yung magarang pabalat na pinaglagyan mo sa sarili mo?
ako2: sana...
ako: Ikaw na rin ang nagsabi na ayaw mo na ng mga bagay na di sigurado, pano na tayo?

back to me...ayun nga, sometimes i feel na di na ako yung minamahal ng tao, kasi i'm not really the friendly type, i'm not the kind of person who always wear this happy cheerface when you see me. I'm gloomy may pagka-emo pa...

pero what if this is me and i'm really born for this? ad maiora natus, born for greater things nga diba? baka ito na yung great things na sinasabi nila? why deprive myself of such great opportunities?

conclusion: take each day as a new one, enjoy the things given, grab the opportunities handed down...learn from each mistake and resolve to do better...

whew! hirap mag-isa!