Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jules!

JULES BRIAN D. PUNSALAN, a guy with a smile that can light up any room, a guy with great beauty in and out and an even greater love for our Lord.

Jules has this air of mystery.I find it hard reading his emotions, he’s very unpredictable, but in a nice way. Jules is very cute, we often name him as “the pinaka-gwapong Bosconian ng DB Canlubang”, and many people agree. Yeah, he may have his flaws, but he carries them with grace, he embraces them and he makes them work for him. More than the physical attributes, Jules’ personality is very striking, and he’s friendly and very approachable. His charm adds up to his “pogi points.” Jules is a very humble person, he’s reserved and quiet most of the times but he’s very funny too. He’s not afraid of laughing his mistakes as he resolves to do better next time. I admire Jules for being very dedicated in the things he does, he’s very diligent especially with his studies. My personal encounters with this fellow are like my daily dose of sanity. I am a year older than him but he would always sound like he’s my kuya. He gives advises well. Honestly, nahihiya pa rin ako sa kanya even though we have been friends for almost two years now. I like it when Jules reads, especially when he reads something he wrote, i feel his sincerity when i hear his voice. That’s why i treasure the times he shares a part of his life with me. Indeed, i can say that i am very blessed to meet him. He knows how to comfort people when they are sad, he has this cute smile that works every time. I like it too when he makes kulit with us. I remember three things when i think of Jules, roosters, rosary and the song “Life is a Beautiful Thing.” Jules likes roosters, he even knows the names of the breeds! Rosary: when i was very distraught and depressed, he gave me a rosary and he said that it was special for him, since then, I have always kept that rosary close to me. Life is a Beautiful Thing: Jules is a reminder for me that life is a beautiful thing. “Kahit na may problema, nabubuhay pa rin tayo, parte lang naman ng buhay ang problema.” Without exaggeration, I believe that Jules is an angel not just to me but also to those whose lives he’s touched.