Tuesday, September 25, 2007


ever been forcibly waken up by someone from a beutiful sleep? feels bad right? well, i have had one of those... it was really bad. You see, i have been sleeping, i have been living in my world of make believe. i have been running along with a crown of daisies on my head, i have been living a princess' life. i have been living happily with my knight-in-shining armor. we were inlove, we were happy. we were safe in the world we were living in.

but one day, my knight said, "it is time to wake up. we need to face the real world. we need to vacate the world we created for ourselves. everything that we had, even the LOVE wasn't real."

what does he expect me to feel? what does he want me to say? "ah, really? okay!" then, i'd jump out of my bed and live my life in the real world and wave at him happily when we see each other again. just like that? after everything that just happened? He actually thinks it's as easy at that? No, i don't think so, i would have to give myself time. i would have to give myself room to heal. a little more of make-believes, a little more denial, a little more lies... a little more...

a little more, trhen i'll be moving on, and when i do, there's no turning back. i'll be moving on...

i'll be okay.