Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Reflection on The Music Child

The Music Child
Alfred A. Yuson

I never believed that the older people get, the more they know how to deal with the things that come their way. Older people tend to complicate things, they tend to seek the deeper meaning of this, which is not bad at all, but sometimes, things are not to be overanalyzed all the time. Some things in this life are simple; the answers to most of our problems are often given to us, laid down in front of us.

I admire children when they talk to each other, they see the world as something so pretty and something so beautiful, they appreciate what some of us don’t and yes, they seem to have all the answers. Children share, adults rarely do, children tell the people they love that they appreciate them, adults have a great deal of a hard time doing this. I can’t seem to reconcile why adults have to let go of some good habits when they grow up. Those little habits keep peace reigning. I am not saying that adults are responsible for the chaos and the turmoil, it’s just that, adults seem to have forgotten what joy it brings to just keep things simple, forgive and forget, give and take. Simple. These habits will keep our world spinning for us.