Wednesday, September 17, 2008

About me: (as seen on friendster)

describe myself?

i am about 5"3 in height, chubby, almost fair-skinned, sometimes pale pa nga eh.

right now, my hair is growing long na, unlike before na i cut my hair short after three months. Dry ang hair ko, resulta siguro ng pagkukulay ko ng sarili kong buhok nung summer.

I have huge thighs, i am fat nga kasi, hahaha! and my arms are short daw.

(do i seem monstrous yet?!) hehehe!

I do not have have good skin, medyo marami na yung pimples ko, plus the scars...(derma please!)

my eyebrows are not okay, i mean, they are not leech-thick pero medyo unruly kasi.

my nose naman is not pango pero may kalakihan, i have full lips, konti na lang daw, auto-pout na. (Thank you, Lord!)

I have nice teeth though, not pearly white pero hindi crooked. Sabi nila, my smile is pretty daw. (Blushes :))

I have big eyes daw, pero i'd rather call it deep! hehehe! my eyes are puffy kaya siguro sometimes i appear to have huge eyebags.

Sabi naman nila, kahit mataba ako, may shape naman katawan ko kasi may evident curve naman na makikita, for my size, hindi ako mukhang barrel! hahaha!

ayun, so you now can pretty much draw a picture of me...