Friday, January 4, 2008

my brothers...

here's something i have been wanting to write about for the longest time.
a salute to the men who has always been there for me. *for real* (they have no choice, hahahaha!)

first, i'm gonna tell you something about my kuya. John Michael L. dela Peña, most people call him "JM". He's 21 and he just graduated from college. He's busy recording songs with his band. He plays the bass and he's one helluva player. He's really good. He even took time to teach me back when i was in third year high school, though i did not turn out to be as good as him (not even close) i could say that he's the best music teacher i ever had. (He laughs at my every mistake, not making it a big deal)but he patiently taught me to play.

kuya and i fight a lot. and i mean, a lot, from the silliest things to the heaviest things there are. i think the reason we fight a lot is the fact that we're pretty much the same. I love my kuya very much. He keeps the family together. He makes sure na the three of us stick together while mami is away, working. He's a cool brother. Child-like, pero very responsible.

"bunsuhang giliw, lab-lab ni mami..."
every morning, i would hear mami say these words to wake mak-mak up. James Mark L. dela Peña, often called "Mak" is my youngest brother. He's 15. He plays the guitar, he sings and he knows how to dance. He used to play baseball too for the Little League Team of Canlubang. Mak is a really responsible kid. He knows how to cook, he cleans the house well, he does the laundry (his clothes only) hehehe! Mak started to be strict on me when he learned that i was going out on dates already. He screens my clothes before i go out of the house, if he doesn't like it, i would not be able to leave the house. He's really sweet and kind, he does the errands for me, like buy me a sanitary napkin when i unexpectedly get my period.

like kuya, mak and i fight a lot too. he scolds me whenever i get too lazy to do my chores, he gets mad when i wear his shirts, he gets mad when i get a hold of the remote. but at the end of the day, he still talks to me and calls me 'ate'. I love Mak. He's my baby.

My brothers, we're pretty much the same, bring us to toy kingdom and we could stay there the whole day. Pop-in a Paramore cd then we'd be singing out lungs out like crazy, bring fried chicken home and that would not last long. I often leave the house to avid dealing with them, but at the end of the day, they're still the family i come home to everyday and i like it that way.