Wednesday, July 25, 2007

numbness and oblivion

repeated blows to the chest made me choose not to feel. my heart that was once empathetic is frozen with apathy . i do not to care about anything and almost everything. I find the situation quite amusing, i do not have to worry about getting hurt over and over again, i need not to fear being left behind, i need not to fear losing anything in my life. I sit here watching people around me cry and scream in pain. I must be happy about it. I really do not know. How am i to know? i choose not to entertain thoughts of feeling any emotion. i created this snow castle around me. I live in a world of oblivion. i am no cinderella, i am more like aurora, the sleeping princess. I am in a deep slumber and i don't plan on waking up any time soon. allow me to rest for a while, a little longer please...