Friday, July 27, 2007

randon questions 2

Do you trust your friends?
* yup. i trust my friends a lot. i tell them ALMOST everything

Would you move to another state or
country to be with the person you love?
* depende, would he do the same???.

Do you believe that everything
happens for a reason?
* yes... i want to believe na there's reason for everything.

What were you doing today?
* eating... we were supposed to have classes... kaso wala prof....

Which one of your friends do you
think would make the best roommate for
* siguro si cielo...hahaha! makulit kasi eh, masaya kasi trip nun... kung pdeng co-ed, isama mo na rin yung si pal...

Can you deal with people who are too
concerned with status?
* kaya, kung kailangan, bakit hndi?

Are you afraid of falling in love?
Why or why not?
* i love, no matter how hard it would be, no matter how painful it could be...

Is there someone who pops into your
mind at random times throughout the
* yes. whenever i see something that would remind me of him...

Would you stop talking to
your friends because you hooked up with
a new guy/girl?
* nope, if a guy disapproves of the friends i have, bahala sya, wag nia ako papapiliin baka madisappoint lang xa...

Name one person from your friends
list that you could call to fix a flat
* si carla siguro...

from your friends list, who can you
call in the middle of the night?
* hm, si des?

What qualities do you find most
attractive with the opposite sex?
* makulit, understanding, yung may sariling paninindigan

Fill in the blank. I will

* go home later...haha!

What can you tell by kissing
* kung may proper hygiene ba sya... wahaha! joke lang... siguro kung may spark o wala...

When you get married, how would you
envision your dream wedding to be?
* simple pero memorable... gusto ko sa batulao... haha!

If you were to wake up from being
a coma for an extended period of time,
name some people you would want to see
* loved ones ko...

Would you make a good parent?
* siguro di pa ngayon... di pa ako ready... waaaa

What is your middle name?
* lalap

What is your current relationship
* free but complicated...very complicated...

Honestly, does your crush like you
* ewan ko, and i don't really care...haha!

What is your current mood?
* tired and sleepy

What makes you most happy?
* seeing my loved ones happy...

Are you musically inclined?
* siguro...

If you could go back in time, and
change something, what would you
* yung childhood ko

Who makes u happy most of d time?
* having a great set of friends who often remind me na i have no right to be sad kasi God is constantly showering me with great blessings...

Have u receive a shocking
* i think so...??!

mga katanungan pa...

What kind of first impression do
you think people have when they first
see you?
* suplada at maarte
* maingay at tatanga-tanga
* good for nothing at purita

What is your favorite line to say
when bored?
* "kapoy..."

What movie(s) made you cry?
* click, maid in manhattan... 50 first dates...

Do you ever have to beg?
* yup, to make people talk to me...

what kind of books do you like to
* coehlo din... j.k. rowling... kahit ano ...

Do you think you're cute?
* i dunno, minsan..

Is it a problem changing clothes in
front of your friends?
* nope... haha

Favorite communication method?
* letter... magulo ako kausap eh....

Do you care?
* seldom

What do you eat when you raid the
fridge at night?
* watermelon...

If you could have plastic surgery,
what would you have done?
* hm...knee scabs...

Describe your bed?
* magulo... as in magulo...

Spontaneous or planned?
* spontaneous....

Do you know how to play poker?
* ndi po... si brylle ata marunong...


aries_arevalo_ax said...

??? na-blender ang utak ko dyan a...