Sunday, April 13, 2008


I am not good at bowling, you know how frustrated i become when i do sports. I am not good at anything. Back when i was in UPLB, we treated bowling like an up sized version of jolens, we never played it seriously. Having the chance to play real bowling made me really nervous. The people i was with were professionals, they played bowling with passion. As i was playing, i wanted to disappear into thin air. I was not making any of the pins fall down. Not even close. But when i turn my back to see my companions, they were all there smiling at me, cheering me on, as if telling me that i could do better next time. I felt happy. Hearing their words of encouragement made me try harder. At the end of the game, i had numbers opposite my name, i made scores. I made pins fall down. Thanks to them who believed in me.
I failed a lot of times, but they never lost faith that i could do better on my next try.