Saturday, December 15, 2007

a tribute

december 22, 2007:

after working hard in the past weeks for the college activities, we're finally given the 16-day vacation for the holidays. our batch decided to have an outing of some sort before we go on our own ways (we live in pretty scattered locations around the country) two of us would be staying here in canlubang, one in cabuyao, two in makati, one in parañaque, one in mandaluyong, one in cebu and two in pampanga. too bad cielo was not able to go with us, but bhaby and kuya alan went with us. we ate lunch in tagaytay. It was a very filling meal as we feasted on japanese food. as we were dining, i kept on looking at the faces of my friends, trying to capture mental images of them that i could store in my head for the next sixteen days. true enough, i have grown fond of each one of them. they are the family i chose for myself. they are the people i turn to when i have a bad say at school and even at home, they are the people i turn to when i find myself lost and in pain. they understand and they stand by me no matter what. this morning, a friend asked me, "do blessings exist?" i say yes. i was with the best set of blessings God has ever given me. people who make me feel appreciated and accepted. they are the people who can be brutally honest with me , people who never make me feel that i am alone but at the same time, they make me do things the way i want to. i am overwhelmed with gratitude for having a great set of friends like them.