Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Reflection on the Ghost

The Ghost
Connie Jan Maraan

This story got me thinking: if I were to die right here and right now, what would my unfinished business be? Well, probably a lot. I have to complete a couple of subjects, I have to get my transcript of records from UPLB, I have to see my mom and tell her that I love her so much, I have to be able to kiss Marius, and I have to settle some scores with some of my friends.

The most serious unfinished business that I have would probably sound a little mushy and a little corny but it is of a love not told. I currently like someone very much---not in a romantic way (oh, well, yeah, maybe in a romantic way, but moreover…) but I am fonder of being with this someone than fantasizing about me and him getting married. If I would die now, I would probably volunteer to be his guardian angel, I would watch him from above, and just be with him as much as I want to, though he might never know it, it is okay with me. I am more like a martyr than a lover who fights for love. I am more likely to get contented loving a person silently, I have complications.