Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The War

The War

Luigi Pirandello


Reading the story made me remember my dad. I don’t remember much about him but according to what his friends tell of him; my dad is a loving and affectionate person. He is reserved but is very cheerful. They say that my dad has a lot of plans for me and my brothers. I know for a fact that he wanted me to be either a ballet dancer or a gymnast. He’s a simple person; he is contented having simple things in life for as long as me and my brothers get the best things life could offer.

My father loved me and my brothers equally. He never believed in playing favorites. One clear memory of my father I have is the one where he was scolding me and my older brother. We were fighting on who between us did daddy love more. Daddy explained that he loved us equally, that he loves me in the same way he loves my brothers, regardless of who was born first.

That memory was affirmed by this story that a father loves his children through and through. He wants the best for his children, he has nothing but the best intentions for them. It hurts to realize that no matter how much I try to get my father back I can’t. I am to live a whole lifetime without my daddy.